Welcome to Pepper Hamilton LLP’s PostGrant-Counsel.com  blog.

PostGrant-Counsel.com is published by members of Pepper’s patent review team.  With regular posts from our team’s lawyers who have varied legal backgrounds and guest bloggers, we will explore legal issues involving patent prosecution and litigation across many industries.  The team members concentrate their practices on challenging and defending patents after they have been issued, e.g., in inter partes review and the soon-to-be-implemented “post-grant” review as well as in corresponding proceedings in Europe, Japan and elsewhere. This experience enables the team to provide clients with counseling, advice and representation when they are contemplating a challenge to an issued patent – or when they may need to defend their own patent against a post-grant challenge.  This blog is not just for other lawyers, but also for businesses and individuals.

We hope to become your go-to source to help you gather reliable information about emerging legal issues in these areas.  We welcome your comments and suggestions. We are also happy to post about any related topic that you would like. To make a request for a post, please leave a comment with your request or use the link on the right side of this page.