What are the odds of getting a stay of co-pending litigation after filing an inter partes review (“IPR”) involving all or some of the same patents?  The answer is not a simple one.  While there has been some data suggesting that, purely statistically, the odds are in favor of getting a stay (e.g., http://www.aiablog.com/post-grant-proceedings/will-an-ipr-result-in-a-stay-of-co-pending-litigation/), ultimately the grant of a stay is highly fact-dependent and discretionary with the court handling the litigation.  A recent decision out of the District of Delaware, Davol, Inc., v. Atrium Medical Corporation, Civ. Action No. 12-958-GMS (D.Del., June 17, 2013), provides valuable guidance in gauging whether a litigation stay in view of an IPR is likely.
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