Precedential Opinion Panel

Hunting Titan, Inc. v. Dynaenergetics Europe GMBH, IPR2018-00600 (July 6, 2020)
Designated Precedential on July 6, 2020

Petitioner Hunting Titan challenged Patent Owner Dynaenergetics’ claims based upon anticipation and obviousness. During the trial, Patent Owner filed a motion to present substitute claims. Petitioner opposed the substitute claims, but only presented arguments based upon obviousness.
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GoPro, Inc. v. 360Heros, Inc., IPR2018-01754 (Precedential Opinion Panel, August 23, 2019)

Section 315(b) of Title 35 prohibits institution of an IPR where the petition is filed more than one year after service of a complaint alleging patent infringement.

In GoPro v. 360Heros, the Precedential Opinion Panel (POP) considered a situation where GoPro petitioned for an IPR more than one year after 360Heros filed a counterclaim alleging patent infringement.  Before the district court, GoPro successfully challenged 360Heros’ standing to sue on the basis that 360Heros had not been formally assigned title to the asserted patent by the inventor at the time of filing its counterclaim.  Subsequently, 360Heros did receive an assignment.

GoPro filed its petition more than one year after 360Heros’ counterclaim was served.  360Heros sought to have the IPR barred for failure to comply with 35 USC 315(b), which states:
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